The Company


Billman Lifestyle Products is a Limited Liability Partnership firm, which has been developing and manufacturing detergents for professional cleaning. It was founded in the year 2017 by a set of young entrepreneurs which has business outlets operating across India.

The solid foundation of Billman Lifestyle products is about quality and reliability. The firm encourages a continuous and quality research to improve the product and the service provided, thereby securing consumer trust. Billman uses the advanced technology and is flexible enough to upgrade itself to the new product innovations. Billman is committed to create value based product and service, which leads to its exponential growth. The quadruple of Billman is quality, hygiene, cleanness and fragrance, in which a compromise is beyond the bounds of possibility.

Billman has tie ups with supermarkets, hypermarkets and popular retailer companies in India and abroad, spreading its wings perpetually for a wider reach. The products manufactured from Billman follows the US standard quality. The firm has the approval and authorized certifications of quality from India, Middle-East, Canada and Maldives.


  • To introduce a fresh, new cleaning culture in people
  • To provide standard quality cleaning solutions, cosmetics and perfumes at a modest price
  • To gain consumer trust and satisfaction through our credible service


  • To pop-up first in the minds of people in regards to quality of the product
  • To exceed the expectations through our commitment to quality and outstanding service
  • To be the leader in cleaning products brand

The Product



Our Story

Billman Lifestyle Products is a leading hygiene products company in the country, which is on a boundless drive to bring a change in the cleaning habits of people across the world. Products of Billman include dishwashing liquid and liquid detergent, and are on the way to expand their business with the introduction of perfumes and cosmetics shortly. Products of Billman are quick in action that are clinically proven and has successfully undergone various quality tests. Additional advantage of Billman product is its different fragrances, which endows you a pleasurable experience.


Cleanliness and hygiene of dishes have an indispensible value for everyone. Bactozapper is the solution for any stubborn dirt on the dishes. The vigorous action of bactozapper kills the dirt in just few seconds retaining the newness of the dishes even after 100 times of washing.

Bactozapper has strong degreasing action which penetrates and emulsifies thick grease and food particles present on the surface of the dishes. It is available in two different flavours: Citrus and Lemon.


Pleasantly scented

Quick action

Revives metal

Gentle on hands


Dilute in water depending upon the load of utensils to be washed.